Noëlle Kröger

Illustration & comic - made in Hamburg.

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2019 | Wohin Geht Die Idee - Best of Sketchbook
Self-published art book

2018 | ComicxGender
Anthology/workshop documentation

2018 | Comics aus Leiden

2018 | Franziska Meier
Self-published short comic

2018 | Tiere mit Vegation auf dem Kopf
Self-published zine

2018 | Neue Märchen/New Fairytales Exhibition
Exhibition catalogue

2017 | Versteckte Orte/Hidden Places
Exhibition catalogue

2017 | Re-Animate Europe


2019 | Comic Workshop
BBS Hannover, Germany
A vocational school class workshop creating comics surrounding europe.

2019 | Comic Workshop
Vienna, Germany
Three school class workshops creating comics surrounding europe.

2018 | Comic Workshop
TGSBBZ Saarlouis, Germany
A two day workshop creating comics surrounding europe.

2018 | Illustration Workshop
Jugendmediencamp, Germany
A three day workshop teaching the basics of illustration.

Exhibitions & Clients

2018 | Comic Festival Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
Exhibition of two short comics and organisation of one of the exhibitions of the festival.

2018 | Jungend Presse Berlin e.V.
Flyer illustrations.

2018 | Neue Märchen/New Fairytales Exhibition
Fabrik der Künste, Germany
Illustrations of classic and modern fairy tales.

2017 | Instagram
Kaufhaus Jandorf, Germany
Painting for the WinterWonderland design market.

2017 | Versteckte Orte/Hidden Places
Gallery Klatovy/Klenová, Czech Republic
Comic Symposium in Klatovy.

2017 | Re-Animate Europe
Comics Art Museum, Belgium
Exhibition and award ceremony of the seven finalists of the competition “Re-Animate Europe”
by the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung.

2016-present | HAW Rundgang Finkenau
Hamburg, Germany
An annual exhibition showcasing the work done at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

2016-2018 | Junge Presse Hamburg e.V.
Various design work for the Junge Presse Hamburg e.V.

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