There's A Way (2017)
Comic contest

A short comic without words about re-animating europe. Created for and published by the Friedrich-Neumann-Stiftung.

Ein Apfel in Leiden (2018)
University project

An extract of a comic born at a bootcamp with Anke Feuchtenberger, Hanko Kolk and Sabrine Teyssonneyre. Published in a collection of the comics created during that camp, named "Comics Aus Leiden".

Franziska Meier (2018)
University project

A self published 44-page comic about my favourite childhood toy: Franziska Meier.

In der HafenCity, tags um halb 3 (2017)
Comic Symposium

A short comic about the HafenCity in Hamburg, created for the Gallery Klatovy/Klenová.

The Animal Council (2016)
University project

A fable illustrating the preamble of the UN charter.

Diary comics (2018 & still ongoing!)
University project

Published on instagram @logbuchcomicfestivalhamburg